Demystifying Tarot Workbook


A workbook by the author of Kaleidadope Tarot, Krystal Banner, focusing on taking the myth and confusion out of tarot and approaching it from a lens of deeper understanding, self-discovery and empowerment. This workbook includes understanding the basics from a standpoint of numerology and astrology with exercises designed to gain value from the archetypes in tarot, but also from having a deeper understanding of self. This workbook also includes custom Kaleidadope created spreads.


• The basic mechanics of tarot using numerology & astrology

• The difference between Major & Minor Arcana

• Details regarding the different suits & court cards

• How to use tarot for empowerment & self-discovery

• Trusting your intuition and using life-experience to interpret cards

• How to gain confidence by building a relationship with your deck

• How to work with spreads for clarity

This is a .pdf download; Once purchased it will be automatically sent to you. Contains 40+ pages of value-added info.

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