This quarter The Dope Box theme is CHAKRAS. One aspect of wellness is making sure your chakras are well balanced and LIT.
If you're asking, "WTF are chakras and why are they relevant to my wellness?" check out this informational blog by Dr. Blake Banner here:
Take the Chakra Test HERE & see your own chakra bar graph

Kaleidadope is all about using color as expression so it was only right to incorporate items related to the chakras for this box. Included are:

Swatches of Chakra Deck
A vibrant 25-card chakra guidance/oracle deck
You're Dope Card
When the chakras are lit, so is your confidence. Remind yourself or another and get that solar plexus poppin.
Chak(ra) & Au(ra) Clearing Spray
To promote flowing chakras, good spirits and good vibes. A smokeless clearing alternative and perfect for traveling.
Heart Chakra Candle
A candle that assists with tapping into the energy of the heart chakra.
Sacred Sacral Oil Rollerball
An oil to stimulate the sacral chakra. Perfect for tapping into your creativity, sexual energy/sensuality and emotions.


"Clean chakra, good karma" -Frank Ocean

"Zen with that chakra" -Chance The Rapper 

"My third eye is like pink eye, seen and contagious" -Common

"Feel them chakras bouncin' in and out her body" -Jidenna 

"Chakra waves, singing' boats, stirring up Dalai Lama" -Lupe Fiasco

"It's the third eye vision, five side dimension" -Black Star

"I want to rise above my fears before they burn my solar plexus" -Amel Larrieux

"Fuckin' up my chakras again" -Jhene Aiko

"Chakras align while I'm oscillating like Dr. Strange" -Tech N9ne

"Spy with my third eye against the conquer and divide" -Public Enemy

"Big 808, now feel the base in your chakra" -Snoop Dogg

"As I kiss your third eye, bet your love come sweet" -Miguel

"I want to ignite the solar of your plexus" -Floetry

"Feeling like my chakras aligned" -Big Sean

"Tappin two heart chakras, I'm harder than Gobstoppers" -Talib Kweli

"Phantom of the chakras" -Jay Electronica

"My two eyes saw your third eye" -Big K.R.I.T

"Til every color of my chakra glows brighter than the Sun, you and I become we, we become one" -Canibus

"Double breasted, bullet-proof vested, well-protected; my heart, the rib cage, the chest and solar plexus" -RZA

"Watching the game from a bird's eye view, they say it's hard to keep trust so my third eye grew; Chakras open, binocular scopin'" -Joey Bada$$

"Her chakras got me floatin'" -Eric Bellinger

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